AN "AMAZING, loving and caring" woman from Hamble who suffered from mental health issues was found hanging at home – despite seeming "a lot better" in the previous days.

Sandra Evans, 56, was found by her husband Christopher in the garage on May 14, an inquest heard.

The mother-of-three was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2015. After a period of taking medication, she weaned herself off the tablets, and continued without them.

Mr Evans said there were times when she would 'feel low again', and in February this year, the symptoms came back, including panic attacks.

From the middle of March, Mr Evans took time off work to spend with his wife after she "became very upset" when alone. On one occasion, she asked the neighbours to sit with her to help calm down.

Mr Evans added: "After that incident, I made sure she wasn't alone. I didn't go to work and stayed to look after her.

"On May 10, she told me that I should start going to work again. She volunteered that I should go. She sounded a lot better, even people who spoke to her on the phone said that."

The couple spent the weekend (May 11 and 12) shopping together and Mr Evans said things seemed "back to normal".

On the following Tuesday, Sandra stayed at their home in Mercury Gardens as her husband went to work. The last contact they had was a phone call at around 8am.

When Mr Evans returned just after midday, he could not unlock the front door, and Sandra was not picking up her phone. He jumped over the garden wall, and noticed the door was ajar.

Acting area coroner Samantha Marsh concluded Sandra died by suicide.

She said: "Sandra suffered from a very short period of mental illness. This shows just how fragile the human mind is."