A SPATE of break-ins to businesses in Lymington has left people in the area “worried”.

This is according to May Madden, owner of Lymington Taxis, who said she arrived to the company office at 7.30am on Sunday morning and saw that the window had been broken.

She phoned the police and found two charity boxes containing a few pounds were taken.

Ms Madden, who has run Lymington Taxis for 15 years, said: “I was shocked. I found glass all over on the floor. I saw the door was open. It is going to cost us £290 to replace the window.

“It is very upsetting. I do feel safe but I think a lot of people are worried about it. Maybe there needs to be more police presence at night but then police are stretched anyway. What can they do? There was a lot of police around last night.”

Police have said that businesses Acute Look and Figgures Toys were also broken into over the weekend.

Sue Burridge, owner of Figgures Toys in Lymington, said police called her at 4.30am on Sunday morning to say someone had broken into her shop.

The till which held £70 had been stolen from the store.

Sue said: “We were not able to open today as we are clearing up the glass. Luckily they were disturbed before they could do anything. We were very lucky that someone on the other side of the road was on night duty and could spot them. The night porter heard it and disturbed them and they went away. He called police.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: "Officers are investigating following reports of two business burglaries in Lymington. The first incident took place at Acute Look, in Earley Court, Lymington, at around 10pm on Saturday 5 October. A window had been smashed. It is not clear if anything was stolen.

"The second incident took place at Figgures Toys, in High Street, Lymington, at around 4am on Sunday 6 October. A glass panel to the door had been broken, and a till draw with cash was taken from the store.

"We are linking both these incidents to a criminal damage incident at Lymington Taxis in New Street, Lymington. It took place sometime between 1.45am and 7am on Sunday 6 October. A window to the building was smashed. Officers are currently following several lines of enquiry on these incidents.

"If anyone saw what happened, or has any information about what took place, they should call police on 101, and quote either 44190356397 (Acute Look), 44190356646 (Figgures Toys) or 44190356693 (Lymington Taxis)."