SAINTS fans are some of the most well behaved in the Premier League, new figures have revealed.

The club ranks near the bottom of the league in terms of the number of fans arrested in the past five seasons.

The figures, from the Home Office, show a total of 76 Saints fans were arrested since 2014/15 – an average of around 15 each year.

However, the figure was above average for last season, with 19 football related arrests.

Neighbouring Bournemouth meanwhile are the best behaved, with just 14 arrests in the previous three season.

In contrast, Newcastle, who are one of the Premier League clubs with some of the highest figures for football related arrests, had 41 in the 2014/15 season.

The Magpies had 30 last season, in joint fourth with Chelsea and behind Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham.

The Southampton figures have prompted praise from civic chiefs, who say the low numbers reflect well on the city as a whole.

Southampton City Council’s culture chief, councillor Satvir Kaur, said: “Saints as a club is part of the fabric of our city.

“When football fans misbehave it ruins it for everyone.

“I’m really pleased that fans in the city make it a celebration, so that everyone can enjoy it.”

Southampton Itchen MP, Royston Smith, added: “I think it is a good reflection on the city and the club as a whole.”

“I can’t remember the last time I saw anything vaguely aggressive.

“It is good because when people misbehave it ruins it for everybody.”

Figures show around 10,000 Premier League fans have been handed football banning orders over the last five seasons.

Banning orders are issued either by courts following a conviction for a football-related offence, or following a complaint by a local police force.

They ban an individual from attending all regulated matches for a minimum three year period.

However their use is on the decrease, with 400 less in force last season than in the 2014/15 season.

As previously reported, Saints fan Odin Joyce, 29, was given a three footballing banning order after he threw a bottle at Crystal Palace fans during their league match at St Mary’s in January.

Steven Candy, 44, was also given a three year ban after he aimed racial abuse at owner Gao Jisheng during a Premier League match against Chelsea last year.