A CYCLIST has been left "battered and bruised" after a hit and run incident in Eastleigh.

Cody Rooke had been cycling home from Kings Worthy when a dark blue pickup truck "pulled out" in front of him sending him flying.

He was left lying in the road until a couple stopped to help the IT worker, calling the police and then driving Cody home from the scene in Coles Close.

His brand new bike was left mangled and broken, and the 34-year-old had to take time off work to recover after the driver failed to stop.

Cody's wife Helena said: "To the man driving the dark blue pickup truck who drove off after hitting my husband and driving over his bike, with him on the floor I hope you can live with what you’ve done absolutely disgusting, despicable behaviour for one human to do to another.

"He is bruised and battered, it could have been so much worse, but the man that drove off doesn’t know because he didn’t care to stop.

"He must have known he had driven over the bike. He didn't give any details or call an ambulance.

"Cody landed on his front but luckily his helmet took the brunt of the force. He could not see the car coming towards him."

The 33-year-old added: "When I heard what happened I ran to my car and drove straight home. I would like someone to come forward.

"Accidents do happen, but it is what you do afterwards. I would like someone to acknowledge what they have done and show some remorse."

A police spokesperson said: "We are investigating a fail to stop collision which happened on Coles Close, Eastleigh at 7.15pm on Wednesday.

"It involved a 34-year-old cyclist. He suffered bruises and grazes.

"Investigations are ongoing to locate the vehicle involved."

Anyone who witnessed the incident can call police on 101.