I would like to know why there are so many roadworks and "cycleway" projects going on all at once in Southampton.

It seems that a number of key routes into the city are currently occupied by cones, narrow lanes and speed restrictions.

Is it really a wise move to have so many "junction improvement" projects all going on at the same time?

Stoneham Way, Cobden Bridge/Bitterne Triangle and the main road in Thornhill all provide key routes in and out out of the city, as well as Cobden Bridge being one of the main routes to get from one side of the city to the other.

To have all three full of cones, narrow lanes, closures, temporary traffic lights and speed restrictions at the same time is really poorly thought out in my opinion.

We were told in Echo articles dated 11th and 12th August that engineers would be working "day and night" on the Stoneham Way cycle project to ensure that the works are completed as soon as possible.

However, in the recent times that I've been along that route in the evening I've seen no workforce, only lane restrictions and empty diggers.

With the recently announced Winchester Road, Chilworth Road and Bournemouth Road cycleway project just getting underway and set to last six months, it feels like every route in and out of the city is plagued with roadworks.

This was really poor timing from Hampshire County Council to coincide with all the traffic misery in Southampton.

Why couldn't these works have been staggered, so that motorists didn't get caught up in miles and miles of cones every time they go out?

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