A CAMPAIGN has been launched to improve a Southampton field targeted by travellers five times in four months.

Councillor for Peartree Eamonn Keogh wants to start a community trust to turn Veracity Recreation Ground into a “more positive place”.

Travellers have now left the site after being ordered to leave by Southampton City Council, who have began installing permanent measures to protect the Veracity Ground from future illegal encampments.

Nearby residents felt “frustrated and angry” that the council had “let it happen again” but will now have the opportunity to help with improving the green space.

Cllr Eamonn Keogh hopes residents can help to set up a cafe at the field and encourage them to get involved with litter picking.

Although a community trust for the site has not existed for some time, he pledged that a Veracity Trust can be “restarted” through lottery funding, along with the help of residents who wish to see improvements at the site.

Councillor Keogh said: “Once the permanent works are complete, we can get back to normality. I want to make the Veracity a community space with a cafe so that hopefully, this time next year, it will be a more positive place.

“A community group could be really significant as I know the Veracity has huge potential. The fact that families can go there to get a drink and an ice cream means it is a great space to enjoy summer but it is unfortunate that families haven’t been able to do that at this time.”

He added: “Anyone interested in the Veracity Trust or who wishes to start up litter picks can contact me at Councillor.E.Keogh@southampton.gov.uk.”