POLICE launched three raids at different properties in Southampton yesterday as part of a crackdown on drugs supply.

Properties on Exeter Close, Wavell Road and Lawn Road were raided in the early morning.

At around 9am on Monday, eight police officers stormed a house on Wavell Road.

The property was described as a “drugs den” by multiple residents.

One resident on Wavell Road said: “This has been going on for 10 years.

“I heard the bang this morning and thought ‘here we go again’.

“I saw about eight officers up and down the road.

“It’s just awful, the prostitution, the drugs, the noise.

“Lots of people have made complaints to the council about this, but nothing seems to be done.

“There are lots of sick people who live on this road and this doesn’t help with their health.

“How long until something is done?”

Another resident added: “There’s always so much noise – we’ve seen quite a few problems there.”

Residents also claimed that there were often cars “picking up and dropping off women” at the property.

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said: “We executed three warrants in Southampton this morning (August 12) as part of Fortress, our response to reducing drug related harm.

“The Southampton North Neighbourhood Team based at Portswood Police Station entered homes in Exeter Close, Wavell Road and Lawn Road.

“Officers conducted searches at each address.

“No drugs were seized and no one was arrested on this occasion.

“We often execute warrants in Southampton through our campaign Fortress.

“Part of the work around reducing drug supply in the city is to disrupt those suspected of being involved in drug supply.

“It also allows us to identify vulnerable people who are being exploited through the drugs trade, and signpost them to agencies that can help, or safeguard them if necessary.

“We can only take action to reduce drug related harm with support from the community.

“You are our eyes and ears out there, if you suspect someone of drug dealing or notice drug related activity in your area, please call 101 and report it.”