Plans to build almost 60 new homes in West End would create a "living hell", according to local residents.

The proposal to build 58 new houses on land off Botley Road has been submitted to Eastleigh Borough Council.

Put forward by Foreman Homes Ltd, the two-hectare site would be developed to build 21 two-bedroom flats, 14 two-bedroom houses, 17 three-bedroom houses and six four-bedroom houses.

As part of the application, an existing house and stables would be demolished to make way for the properties which would include 20 affordable homes.

The plot lies to the east of Monarch Way and would have access from Botley Road

To the north of the plot, there is woodland and the M27 beyond, while land to the south-east has planning permission for 100 new homes.

A footway and cycleway link between the development and Monarch Way would also be built.

However, concerns have also been raised over the impact the development will have on parking and safety.

West End resident, Karen Tonge said: "I feel that opening up a footpath will create, more noise and will make me feel very unsafe. It is a closed area, where children play. There will be more noise, more pollution. I won't feel safe with buildings directly behind me."

Another resident who is opposed to the plan is Graham Munday, who said: "I object in the strongest possible terms. If you lived in the area you would understand. The roads surrounding this development are already congested beyond belief, all the services in the area are stretched to breaking point. You will turn this area into a living hell."

Ann Barber added: "I live right next to this development and the footpath will run right next to my house taking away my privacy and the safety of all our children being able to play out the front. At the moment it is a quiet road, opening it up will bring strangers through here."

According to Foreham Homes, the benefits of the scheme include new affordable housing, its "sustainable location" and the contribution towards meeting the demand for housing within Eastleigh Borough.

Developers claim the design of homes and the layout of the development will respect and enhance the character of the local area.

The Daily Echo has contacted Foreman Homes and is awaiting a comment.