CONTROVERSIAL plans for a landmark 25-storey waterfront tower block in Southampton have moved a step closer – but residents are calling on the council to refuse them. 

The proposal to build 223 new flats in Ocean Way, Ocean Village, have been submitted to Southampton City Council (SCC).

According to the plans put forward by MDL Developments Ltd, there would be a 25-storey core building and two lower levels either side, one 17-storeys and one 11-storeys.

The flats would be a mix of one, two and three-bedroom units.

A total of 14 parking spaces is also set to be provided on site but residents of the new tower block will also be able to use the nearby multi-storey car park.

But while the developers said the new building will be a positive addition to Ocean Village, residents branded the plans as “outrageous” and are calling on councillors to reject them.

Father Ray Lyons, who lives in Ocean Village, said: ” It’s an outrageous proposal. It will put the marina itself and cafes and bars in the shade. It will destroy these businesses. There’s no community facilities in Ocean Village. This is over-development. The development in Ocean Village should stop.”

Concerns have also been raised on the impact the new building will have on parking and the environment.

Bargate councillor Sarah Bogle said in her view the new tower block is not in keeping with the location, particularly in terms of scale and height.

“We are writing to residents about this planning application and encouraging people to register their comments, whether they object or support. My personal view is that this proposal is over-development and will result in a net loss to the environment, particularly protected trees,” she added.

Peter Warren from agent Savills hit back saying the whole point of the scheme is to bring new residents in to the area to support local businesses.

He said each flat will have its own cycle storage to encourage residents to cycle.

He added: “We have submitted an impact statement and the impact on day light is not significant and the design was shaped around that finding.

"In terms of commercial uses they are on the other side of the marina. This is going to step back from the waterfront and the hotel is a bit further away.

"It is not over-development. It helps make a positive contribution to housing need in the city centre.”