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At toob we care a great deal about deploying full fibre networks in the UK, but it is our business, so why should you care?

Full fibre networks deliver a fast and reliable broadband experience over a fibre optic connection, all the way from the internet into your home or business making it easier for:

  • Entrepreneurs to start businesses in technology, media and other sectors
  • Employees to work flexibly, accessing cloud based and video conferencing services
  • Businesses to operate efficiently, transferring data and backing up systems
  • Everyone to stream, game or download and upload content

Daily Echo:

Where full fibre has been deployed, there has been an increase in start-ups, an increase in employees taking advantage of flexible working, increases in employment and economic output.

Our goal is to bring the benefits of full fibre broadband to every home and business in Southampton.

Over the next 2 ½ years we will deploy 1,000km of fibre and the very latest technology to bring you the best broadband we can.

toob’s broadband service will deliver speeds of 900Mbps, that’s download speeds over 20x faster and upload speeds over 100x faster than the averages experienced in Southampton.

We are proud of our broadband, but our network has the potential to deliver so much more for Southampton. We want to bring hyper speed connectivity to schools, GP surgeries, community groups and charities.

We are also constructing our network to support the next generation of technology including 5G, autonomous cars and smart cities to provide a digital foundation in Southampton for decades to come.

If you’d like to know more, please register your interest at and we will keep you informed of progress on our network build and when you can order the service.

If you have suggestions as to how our network can be used to offer even greater benefit to the city, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact us at: