CONTROVERSIAL plans for a 130-space car park in Southampton have been rejected. 

The proposal submitted by the University of Southampton for a new car park on land south of University Car Park, in Broadlands Road were set to be approved last week.

But civic chiefs rejected the plans, saying the car park would have an “unacceptable impact” on nearby residential properties. 

Southampton University said it is considering the next steps to take. 

But residents who campaigned against the scheme said the decision taken by the Panel and Right of Way Panel is  a “brilliant start” to reduce air pollution in the city.

Campaigner Claire Buckle, 36, a project manager, from Southampton, said: “I’m happy they put the health of the children and residents first. That is not the right place for a car park. ”

A council document said: “The development would result in general disturbance due to comings and goings to and from the site; through the starting and idling of car engines and associated emissions from vehicles. ”

The university has also submitted an application for a 714-space car park near Broadlands Road. IT has not been discussed by civic chiefs yet, but if approved, the multi-storey car park at the Hampton’s car park site would tower above Swaythling Primary School. 

Campaigners are now calling on the university to withdraw the proposal. Mrs Buckle said she hopes the refusal of the 130-space car park in Broadlands Road sets a precedent for similar development not to be approved.

When asked if they will appeal the council’s decision  and if they will withdraw the application for the scheme at the Hampton’s car park site, a spokesman for the University of Southampton said next steps are being considered and no decision has been made yet.  Talking about the application for the car park in Broadlands Road, he added: “If this planning application is taken in the context of other redevelopment plans, it doesn’t lead to any significant increase in the number of cars travelling to and parking on Highfield campus. The proposed new car park on Broadlands Road would be on the main Highfield campus site and would partially replace an adjacent existing car park. We are disappointed in the decision by the Planning and Rights of Way Panel. ”