I HAVE a good deal of respect for those in high office, as with position and power come great responsibility, however, my respect and admiration does not extend to the current President of the United states.

Rarely has any world leader ( apart from Robert Mugabe ) attracted such criticism and loathing as The Donald.

I have not spoken to anyone who has a good word to say about him, indeed,just the opposite.

The section below is credited to a Nate White, whose description of Trump is so good - it’s worth reading.

In answer to the question “ why do some Brits dislike Donald Trump” Nate writes: “Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem.

“He has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self awareness, no humility,no honour, and no grace, all qualities that his predecessor, Mr Obama was generously blessed.”

This description, is only a small section written by Nate White and I would urge everyone to search the Internet for the full description, as it’s brilliant.

Trump is also a liar and a bully, lacking in diplomacy, as noted at a world leaders summit, pushing other world leaders aside to get to the front at a photoshoot.

Staff who disagree with his policies get sacked and any news stories that he doesn’t like are “ Fake News “ so what does this obnoxious and insincere chap get for being thoroughly nasty, A State Visit to Britain.!

Can you just imagine, the smug expression on his face as he receives the full hospitality of our royal family and politicians.

Won’t he just love the pomp and ceremony of the Household Cavalry etc. and will be totally unfazed by the hostile reception he will surely receive by many demonstrators who will turn out to protest at his many controversial policies.

I am not surprised to hear that many British dignitaries are refusing invitations to state banquets in his honour.

The United States have long been allies and I am disappointed that this graceless chap is their leader and am at a loss to understand how he has been able to get enough support to be elected in spite of overwhelming evidence to prove what type of man he is. There lives a man across the pond, with lots of hair which is quite blonde, he says there is no climate change, a view the whole world thinks most strange.

One thing that most Brits do agree, Donalds not our cup of tea.

Brian Chambers