A WOMAN died after overdosing on her prescription medication, an inquest heard.

Amanda Leggett, 55, was found dead at her home in Ipley Way, Hythe, after not being seen by family members for a number of days.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard Ms Leggett had a number of physical and mental health problems, including chronic pain in her back, for which she was on painkillers, including morphine.

Pathologist Dr Sanjay Jogai said toxicology tests showed she had levels of morphine in her body associated with her death. He said he did not know her tolerance to the drug and in the absence of any other cause, said that was most likely the cause.

Ms Leggett’s daughter Charly Watkinson said among her mother’s health problems were issues with her memory, and as Ms Leggett was living alone, she questioned why GP Sanjeeva Fernando had not taken measures to ensure she didn’t take her medication at the wrong times.

It emerged that the memory problems had been discovered before Dr Fernando become her GP, and he had not been informed.

However, he added that attempts had been made to prescribe her medication in more manageable ways, but were not successful.

The inquest heard Ms Leggett had taken two previous overdoses in 2018, but senior coroner Grahame Short said he could not be certain whether or not they were intentional.

Recording a conclusion of drug-related death, Mr Short described Ms Leggett’s medical history as “complex” and said there was no evidence she intentionally took a morphine overdose on this occasion.

He added: “It does seem to me more likely that she had accidentally taken too many tablets.”

Mr Short said he believed Ms Leggett died on July 21, despite not being found until three days later.