A FATHER who could not cope with chronic anxiety and depression hanged himself in the hallway of his Eastleigh home.

Simon Jones, 34, was discovered by his wife Gemma on return from a family visit on October 14 last year, an inquest in Winchester heard.

The inquest heard that Mr Jones, a broadcast delivery controller for Sky TV, had been referred to the Southern Health acute mental health team on three occasions in 2018 and been discharged three times back to his GP.

Senior coroner Grahame Short asked why Mr Jones, father to a four-year-old son, was referred back to the GP instead of the community mental health team.

Louise Earl, of Southern Health who investigated the trust’s care of Mr Jones, said he was not considered to be a suicide risk as he had told his medical professionals that he did not have suicidal thoughts.

She said the doctors were trying to get him to manage his anxiety using skills they had shown him instead of him becoming dependent on doctors.

Mrs Jones told the hearing that her husband of 14 years, who she had met at university, struggled with anxiety and depression and had been making unnecessary online purchases, such as camping equipment, racking up debts of nearly £12,000.

He had been off work since March 2018.

PC Leon Atkins, of Eastleigh police, who was called to the property after Mrs Jones’ emergency call, said there were no suspicious circumstances or any third party involvement.

Mr Short, recording a conclusion of suicide, said: “I think the most important piece of evidence is that he was judged as having a low risk of suicide and denied ideas of self-harm both to his care team and his wife.

“That means he was not treated as seriously as he would have been had he been honest about his true feelings.

“Simon could no longer cope with life and his thoughts moved to ending that life as the only solution to his problems.”