HAMPSHIRE motorists can look forward to trouble-free travel next week.

Highways chiefs have lifted and completed hundreds of miles of roadworks to help people travelling over the Easter period.

Roadworks on the M27 at junction 9 near Lock Heath and junction 12 for Cosham, both eastbound and westbound will be completed. As will northbound and southbound works near junction 13 of the M3 in Eastleigh.

However, the agency has warned that a two-mile stretch of roadworks outside Southampton between junctions 3 and 4 on the M27 will also remain in place.

They urge motorists to make sure their vehicle is ready for any journey they make.

Research by the agency shows that almost half of breakdowns are caused by mechanical problems which could be avoided with simple checks and nearly a quarter are caused by tyre problems.

Highways England’s customer service director, Melanie Clarke, said:

“We’re doing everything we can to make journeys as smooth as possible this Easter and that’s why we’re keeping around 99 per cent of the road network we manage, free from roadworks.Safety is top priority and we know from that almost half of breakdowns can be avoided if motorists carry out simple vehicle checks before setting off.”

According to the agency motorways and major A-road networks will be free of roadworks from 6am next Thursday, until 12.01am on April 23.

Before setting off, Highways England is urging motorists to check their fuel levels, tyre pressure, engine oil, water level and that their lights work.