I REALLY hope that Southampton City Council is able to keep the Hythe Ferry going.

If we can’t keep the existing ways we have of encouraging people not to travel in cars, there is no hope.

We need to reduce car use in order to cut all the congestion on our roads. We need better ferries, train lines (the freight-only line should be converted to also offer passenger trains from Southampton, to Totton, to Hythe, to Fawley), bus lanes (wherever possible, so that buses can actually stick to timetables and be faster than cars), segregated cycle lanes (for the safety of all), and safe pedestrian routes and crossings.

If the cross-party Green City Charter is going to mean anything, the Hythe Ferry can not be allowed to stop. The 2011 document “Low Carbon Strategy” already means nothing – we need the 2011 document to be taken seriously, and action on the Green City Charter 2019 document to happen now.

Seriously, action now.

Lyn Brayshaw