The Daily Echo shares a stunning set of aerial pictures from the 1920s.

They were taken before Luftwaffe bombs had razed many of the town's buildings to the ground, leaving scars still visible to this day.

It was a time when London Road was the pride of the town and the envy of the rest of the UK. Decadent buildings lined the street - each with unique character and charm.

Much like today, passenger liners could almost always been seen in the docks, although most of them would have been dwarfed by the colossal scale of modern-day ships.

One picture shows the parks in Southampton - including part of West Marlands. This became the site of Southampton's Civic Centre once the concept had been realised.

In the gallery above are 11 aerial pictures of Southampton from the 1920s, providing a veritable glimpse of the town from almost a century ago.