DAILY Echo photographers were running around the county, capturing a broad spectrum of events taking place.

It was March 1989, when Hardley School pupils slaved over the typewriter in order to meet their deadlines. A group of hard working scholars informed others of important happenings by creating their own newspaper.

It was the same month as when Kevin Keegan returned to Southampton. However, he didn't return to Saints, but to visit Royal South Hants Hospital and open the Steve Mills laboratory.

Whilst the events depicted in these images were unravelling locally, this is what was taking place nationally:

March 4

Two trains collided in Purley, Surrey, killing five people. 88 others were injured in the crash.

Daily Echo:

Townhill Middle School's football and netball team. Picture taken in March 1989.

March 6

Two commuter trains crashed on the Springburn branch of the North Clyde Line, just east of Bellgrove station in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. Two people were killed in the incident.

March 7

Iran ended diplomatic relations with the UK following the publication of Salman Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses. A fatwā had been issued against Rushdie the month before.

Daily Echo:

Echo tele-ad team in Southampton. Picture taken in March 1989.

March 17

Three men convicted of murdering paperboy Carl Bridgewater in Staffordshire ten years previous had their appeals quashed. A fourth man convicted in connection to the killing died in 1981 while in prison.

March 26

Nigel Mansell won the Brazilian Grand Prix. The win was a surprise to many as the course, Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet, was not only Mansell's least favourite track, but also his first competitive race with Ferrari.

See more pictures taken by Daily Echo photographers in March 1989 in the gallery above.