A SOUTHAMPTON man, banned from having sex without telling police first, told an off-duty officer he would “rape her if it was dark”.

O’Niel Norman trapped his victim with her back to a wall before delivering his menacing message.

The 45-year-old’s victim, an off-duty police community support officer, was left “intimidated and concerned for her safety”, Southampton magistrates heard.

The court was told that the incident took place in Blechynden Terrace, near to Southampton Central Station.

Prosecutor Natalie Angel said: “The victim had her back against the wall and he told her he would rape her if it was dark. He said that if he wanted to, he would have her.”

Miss Angel added that Norman also talked about his dislike for police officers, saying that he wanted to “slice and shoot” them.

In mitigation, David Storry argued that the charge Norman faced, a charge of using threatening or abusive behaviour to cause alarm or distress, required the victim to have been distressed at the time of the incident.

He told magistrates that in one of the statements given by the victim, she had said she had not felt distressed after the incident – although this was disputed by the prosecution.

He said the incident had taken place in the city centre at a relatively busy time of day – around 6pm in March last year.

Mr Storry added that Norman had said he would rape her “if it was dark”, but that it was not dark at the time of the incident.

Magistrates found Norman, who was judged not fit to plead, made the remark, and he will be sentenced later this month.

As previously reported, Norman, who is HIV positive, was told by the courts in October last year that he must give police 24 hours’ notice every time he intends to have sex.

He was also ordered to provide details of each woman’s identity – and inform her before any sexual activity takes place that he has HIV.

The conditions were a result of a four-year Sexual Risk Order, imposed in a civil case brought by Hampshire police.