ONE OF two brothers accused of murdering a father-to-be has admitted plunging a kitchen knife into the victim's side.

Sidney Cooper and Charlie Cooper are on trial for killing Courtney Jones, who died after an incident in Salisbury Road, Totton.

Mr Jones, known as Timmy, is alleged to have been stabbed after getting into a fight with Charlie Cooper over drugs.

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court Sidney Cooper said he went to his brother's aid but was acting in self defence when he twice stabbed Mr Jones in his left side.

The defendant said he was visiting a friend on the evening of August 25 last year when he heard a commotion outside.

He told the jury: "I heard someone shouting - my brother was calling to me.

"I went outside and saw my brother and Timmy in a fight, They were both struggling on the floor and my brother was asking me for help.

"Timmy had a kitchen knife and Charlie was in a bit of a situation. I was frightened that my brother was going to get stabbed.

"I tried to get the knife off Timmy and eventually I did."

Asked what happened next he said: "Timmy was trying to grab the knife off me. I was scared that if he got the knife he would use it on me.

"I must have inflicted the wounds at that time. I didn't intend to kill him. I didn't intend to cause Timmy any harm at all.

"I was in a panic at that stage. I realised what I had done."

The defendant was taken ill shortly afterwards and was admitted to Southampton General Hospital, where he spent four or five days in an induced coma. After being discharged he was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Cooper told the court he felt "extremely bad" that Mr Jones had died.

Cross-examined by prosecutor Adam Feest QC the defendant was repeatedly asked why he gave police a prepared statement in which he denied stabbing or assaulting Mr Jones.

In the statement he said he and his brother were confronted by Mr Jones, who was brandishing a knife.

The statement added: "He came towards us. I managed to pull my brother away. The only physical force I used was to break up the fight and protect my brother."

Giving evidence Cooper said: "I had just come out of an induced coma. My memory was a bit muddled."

Referring to the statement he gave police he added: "I'm not saying I was making it up. My memory was not too good. I had just come out of an induced coma and was on a lot of medication."

Cooper was asked a series of questions about what happened on the day but on numerous occasions replied: "I can't recall sir."

He added: "I don't want to give answers that are going to be wrong.

"I can remember getting into a scuffle and taking the knife off him (Mr Jones), but I can't remember much after that. I can't remember what happened in the police station."

Mr Feest said Cooper and his brother had set out to steal a bag of illegal drugs that Mr Jones was carrying.

He told the defendant: "That's why you cut the bag away from a dying man. You and your brothers were the aggressors. You set out to rob Mr Jones.

"You know full well what happened that day. You're just not prepared to say.

"You deliberately stabbed him, intending at the very least to cause him very serious harm."

The defendant replied: "No sir. I didn't mean to stab him. It was not a deliberate action, it was just a reaction.

"I was in fear of being attacked. I knew Timmy to be a nasty person."

Sidney Cooper, 26, of no fixed address, and Charlie Cooper, 19, of Ashby Road, Totton, both deny murdering Mr Jones, 26, of Deerlands Avenue, Sheffield.

The trial continues.