A MAN has taken his own life at a campsite in the New Forest.

Andrew Tribbeck was found dead in his car at Roundhill Campsite in Brockenhurst, an inquest heard.

The 51-year-old was a long-term resident at Newlands Hotel in Rosemount Road, Bournemouth and had no family nor close friends, Winchester Coroner’s Court was told.

In a statement read to the court Trevor Emery, who runs the hotel, said the death of Mr Tribbeck came as a bit of shock.

“He was very reliable. He was a really nice person who would do anything for you.

“He always paid his rent on time, never caused any problem”, he added.

The court heard how Mr Tribbeck left the hotel at the end of September and booked at the Roundhill Campsite on September 27 for two nights.

But Andrew Jordan, one of the employees at the campsite, found him in his car at around 11am on October 1 and the emergency services were called.

The court heard how Mr Tribbeck had a history of alcohol use and gout and how a series of notes and the picture of a dog were found in his car.

A post-mortem examination showed that Mr Tribbeck died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Recording a verdict of suicide, senior coroner Grahame Short said: “This was a planned act.

“It is not clear from the notes the reason why he chose to take this action, whether he was running out of money or whether he was in pain or loneliness.

“It is a sad way for someone to end their life in these circumstances.”