KNIFE-CARRYING teenager allegedly chased a group of children in a Hampshire park.

A mum, who does not want to be named, said her children and two of their friends were at a park off Moore Close in Abbotswood, Romsey, when they saw a teenager with a kitchen knife in his pocket.

She said the teenager, who is believed to be between 14 and 16 years old, chased them and left them in tears.

Hampshire police confirmed they were called to the scene shortly before 5.30pm on Sunday.

But the mother-of-two is now calling for schools, parents and authorities to come together to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

She said: “My seven-year-old came in, he was screaming, he said ‘I thought I was going to die’. The other three followed, they were all crying.”

She said the teenager chased the children until they crossed the road.

“My little boy was screaming. He said ‘I thought I was not going to see you again’. It was awful. I was more concerned that my seven-year-old had experienced that. It just broke my heart when he said he thought he was not going to see me again,”she added.

She is now calling for action to be taken.

“Everyone needs to come together, schools, parents, the council, everybody. There should be a cultural change and more police officers in Romsey. Just because it is a quite town it does not mean crime is not going to happen,”she added.

She also said that more awareness should be raised.

“I think family is a big part of that. They need to sit down and speak with their children about how dangerous knives can be, they are weapons,”she added.

Cllr John Parker, who is secretary of the Romsey District Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: “It is very concerning that any form of knife crime is reported in Romsey. Knife crime is very rare in Romsey but any incident like this should be reported to the police immediately by calling 999.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: “It was reported that the group of children saw another child with a knife in his pocket. The group walked away and the child walked in another direction. The group then saw the child running towards them, but the group carried on and went home.No threats were made, the knife was not drawn and no-one was injured.”

Anyone with information can call us on 101, quoting crime reference number 44190084617.”

Cllr Dorothy Baverstock, mayor of Romsey, said: “I am horrified that it happened in Romsey. I am happy to do anything that will raise awareness. I will talk to the police to see what we can do. I think it is an issue that should be raised right across Romsey.”