MAY I respectfully respond to the letter from Jacqui Broadbridge, published March 4, where she writes that the New Forest ought to have speed cameras installed.

Most genuine New Forest residents do drive with care and we do alter our speed when we see ponies, cows, pigs and so on by the roadside. We are used to them, and we do allow for them.

Drivers who may be are passing through the Forest to get to work or for whatever reason, might be the problem. But does anyone really want to write off their car? I doubt it, when they cost several thousands of pounds.

The New Forest is not a theme park, nor a safari park. It is a national park.

Protection is meant to be towards wildlife, woodlands, etc. Ponies and cattle are, by the way, privately owned.

Indeed their owners get paid to turn them out. If they want to protect those innocent animals, then they shouldn't turn them out.

There will be ample deer to ensure the forest does not get overgrown.

Richard F. Grant