WHAT the hell is going on in Lordswood? Why is it so filthy?

On a recent visit I couldn't get over how much rubbish was thrown about on the ground. The underpass to Sainsbury's, along the surrounding streets, in bushes. It was disgusting!

I live in New York where 8 million people live and another approx 3 million commuting into the city to work every day and I don't see the amount of rubbish that I saw in Lordswood! I find that astonishing.

We have rubbish bins on almost every corner and people emptying them regularly. Yes, I know the council probably doesn't have any money for that. But here's an idea: don't throw your garbage on the ground!

Not having rubbish bins isn't a reason to throw rubbish on the ground but it might help.

I heard people say 'It's the school kids'. If that's the case then the parents need to teach their kids not to throw rubbish on the ground and maybe the school can organise the kids to go and pick up the mess. Maybe then they will stop throwing it on the ground.

Do the people of Lordswood just not care about their surroundings?

Why doesn't someone do something about it?

Kim Chandler

New York