THE general opinion of elected MPs now serving in the House of Commons is at its all-time low. The elected body has shown that it is not able to reflect the wishes of the general public. Democracy is threatened. All political parties are in the same boat.

The lack of loyalty to the prime minister by the Tory party is, in fact, one if the worst features.

If this was in a war situation we couldn’t rely on one of them. Thank God for men like Winston Churchill who, to keep Nazi Europe from overcoming us, made us stand together. Now at peace, we cannot agree to back the population’s decision to leave this undemocratic mob.

It is a sad feature of the times that so many politicians seek to look after personal ambitions when some of their electorate want to get on with Brexit, the few renegades who have abandoned their respective parties should search their consciences to see if they at least can do the right thing.

Many people feel as I do, their feelings will definitely be shown at the ballot box.

Alan Blandford