A FORMER Saints manager has issued a message of encouragement to a newly formed dog charity.

Harry Redknapp has pledged his support to the Marchwood-based dog rescue organisation, Dogs2FosterUK.

After the ex football manager was approached by founder Jo Brewer, he agreed to film an encouraging message for the new charity.

Daily Echo:

She said: “I sent out the email never really expecting to hear back, with Harry being so busy we were absolutely delighted that he agreed to take part in helping raise awareness of what we do.”

Jo explained that she targeted the ex Saints manager as he is “a huge dog lover” and has “shown his softer side” by supporting her organisation.

In a promotional video for the organisation, Harry said: “Please join the team at Dogs2FosterUK.

“Get on the roster at Dogs2Foster, we need your help.”

The organisation was established to help find permanent or foster homes for dogs who can no longer live with their owners due to a change in circumstances through sickness, eviction, homelessness or financial hardship.

They aim to help dog owners safely rehome their dogs to prevent abandonment.

Dogs2FosterUK was set up by Jo after the loss of her two rescue dogs.

Jo and her family decided to rehome another dog but spent two months completing “endless” adoption forms for various dog charities.

The family applied to rehome around 30 dogs with some charities not even responding to the applications in a “depressing and frustrating” attempt to find a new dog.

Speaking to other dog owners when out walking, Jo discovered that many adopters found the system just as frustrating when bring a rescue dog into the family.

Jo came up with the idea for an interactive website for all dogs needing homes as well as adopters trying to find their ideal pooch.

The family developed their dog fostering service in aid of helping dogs desperate to find their forever homes.

The website is free to use and visitors can set up an online profile that will remain “live” until they have found their perfect dog.