A MAN died after years of using amphetamines to self-medicate his chronic knee pain, an inquest heard.

David Robertshaw died at Southampton General Hospital on March 15 after his heart stopped six days earlier.

Winchester Coroner's Court heard the 46-year-old, of Claude Ashby Close, Swaythling, had taken amphetamine, but while coming down his heart stopped.

Mr Robertshaw's wife, Antonella, told the inquest she found him unresponsive in the bedroom after hearing a scream.

Paramedics managed to resuscitate him while rushing him to hospital, but it is believed he had already suffered brain damage due to a lack of blood being supplied. Pathologist Dr Vipul Foria confirmed the brain injury was the cause of death.

The inquest heard Mr Robertshaw had seen doctors previously about his knee pain, but had not been prescribed any medication since March 2017.

GP records also said he had seen doctors over "low mood" in 2012, which was related to a "traumatic incident" whilst in the armed forces.

Mrs Robertshaw said he denied having post-traumatic stress disorder whilst alive, although her family believed he did.

She added he had used amphetamines as a way of coping for at least a decade.

Recording a conclusion of drugs-related death, senior coroner Grahame Short said: "We have heard about his history of knee pain and that was something that affected him seriously. At the time of his death he was not receiving any medication for pain relief."

Mr Short added: "It clear that he had used amphetamines for many years and did so on a regular basis.

"We don't how much he took [in the incident prior to his death], I expect it was his usual dose but his heart could not cope on this occasion."