AGAIN having read of a two-year-old girl being bitten by a dog that was tied up outside a Lidl store in Bursledon Road in Southampton recently, I submit a very simple solution to stop this: muzzle the dogs in public!

Make it law that that any dog has to be muzzled in a public area. That way the dog cannot inflict any injury.

I seriously consider that the dog is not the problem, but the owner. Again, the dog is made out to be the guilty one but it is only doing what a dog will do if it feels threatened.

I’ve had dogs and made sure that in public they have always been on a lead and, if a muzzle was not handy for them to run free, the lead would stay on. My request to dog owners is: if you are taking them out to a public place then make sure they cannot bite anybody as you are responsible, not the dog.

Paddy Sketcher

Isle of Wight