CHRIS Boardman is calling for restorative justice for the untimely death of his mother. It seems a careless motor car driver drove into his mother while cycling which caused her death. He is suggesting that if you drive in such a manner you should be banned from driving for life.

As a therapist appointed by insurance companies, I see many people who have been severely injured for life by careless drivers.

Some of these people have to suffer constant pain. They often say: “This is totally unfair, why should I have to suffer pain for the rest of my life, while they might have a fine or a short prison sentence?

"They get their life back. I don’t and it doesn’t stop my pain.”

It is not difficult to come to the conclusion banning such people from driving for life would be fairer. Let’s face it, a vehicle in the wrong hands is a dangerous weapon.

Our roads are overcrowded. This would be one justifiable way of reducing the number of drivers on our roads.

Ron Meldrum

Green Party