A FINAL decision on the future of the Romsey branch of the British Legion is set to be made tonight.

As previously reported, the Love Lane-based branch is at risk of closure after 97 years, due to the lack of volunteers.

Last month, current branch treasurer councillor Peter Hurst launched an appeal for residents to come forward and save the branch.

He had said at least five committee members, including a secretary and a chairman, are needed ahead of the annual general meeting on January 11.

Now he has said he feels positive about the future of the branch.

“There seems to be enough volunteers as a result of the article in the Advertiser. At the moment it is looking very positive,”he added.

He said he has been contacted by five people who would be happy to join the committee and three people have contacted the British Legion Club.

“But we welcome as many volunteers as possible and we will make a final decision on it depending if volunteers put themselves forward and and the members are happy with the people who have volunteered,” councillor Hurst added.

As previously reported, the problems started after former committee members retired and no-on stepped forward.

Mr Hurst said the last committee meeting was held in January last year because there “was no committee work to do”.

He had said the branch has 900 members currently registered but many of them might have not been aware of the issue.

The Romsey branch is responsible for helping organise the Remembrance parade in the town centre and run fundraising activities and events to remember those who lost their lives in armed conflicts.

If the not enough members will be found by tonight the branch will have to close and the closure process includes the laying up of the Romsey Standard, meaning that once laid up it may not be paraded. A final decision will be made at the meeting set to take place at 7pm at the British Legion Club in Love Lane. To help call 01794 502819.