THERE are just a few days left for residents and commuters have a say on the future on transport in Winchester.

The Winchester Movement Strategy, which is looking to improve how people travel in and around Winchester over the next 20-30 years, is currently being consulted, but will close at 11:59pm on Sunday, January 13.

As previously reported, Hampshire County Council, working in partnership with Winchester City Council, released the 'Emerging Strategy Document' in November.

It suggested a range of measures in a bid to cut city-centre traffic and improve air quality. They include:

l increasing capacity for park and ride services to keep cars out of the city centre;

l giving buses priority over cars through measures such as bus gates in Southgate Street and Chesil Street, which would only allow public transport and bikes to use the road, and bus lanes in Andover Road;

l consolidate parking in larger out-of-city-centre car parks rather than increasing city centre spaces;

l enhancing cycling and pedestrian routes across the city with a "reallocation of road space along the full length of North Walls";

l and changes to parts of the one-way system such as two-way traffic between Friarsgate and Easton Lane, allowing drivers in and out of the city without having to circle around the entire system, reducing St Georges Street to one lane with spaces for cyclists, bus stops and deliveries, and improving pedestrian priority for Jewry Street.

If those measure fail to improve congestion in the city, a range of charging zones "could be considered".

To take part in the consultation, visit, call 0300 555 1388, or email