A SOUTHAMPTON musician has sparked a row after sending his lyrics to the founder of a UK-wide pub chain.

Bass player and political satirist Grant Sharkey sent his song Spoons to Tim Martin as part of a bid to “have a chat” with the chairman of Wetherspoons.

It comes just days before Tim arrives in Southampton as part of his UK tour.

The pub tycoon is visiting 100 Wetherspoons to speak to customers about the benefits of leaving the EU.

But now a spokesperson for the Brexiteer, who recently appeared on TV’s Question Time, says Grant’s song is “offensive”.

Speaking to the Echo the spokesperson said: “It’s offensive and completely incorrect. Maybe spelling ‘Wetherspoon’ correctly would be his best start.

“Whether Tim will want to speak to him, that’s up to him to say.”

Grant, from the Waterside, said: “I’m a musician, comedian and activist who has been singing an anti-Wetherspoons song for the last three years at the start of each show to remind the audience about the power of live music, independent pubs/venues and also to call Tim out on using his business to campaign for something that isn’t in the best interests of the UK or even the planet, but instead in the best interests of business owners such as himself.”

Grant added: “There’s no live music in Wetherspoons, no music at all, which is how I make my living.

“So he doesn’t seem to be that supportive of British jobs.

“He’s preaching politics that benefit only him to people who are drunk – that seems mildly abusive to me.”

Mr Martin will be coming to The Standing Order on Southampton High Street tomorrow.

Promoters said: “He will use the visits to chat to customers both ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ supporters, on the benefits of leaving the EU.

“Leaving the EU will result in lower prices for food, children’s clothes and Australian wine as a result of abolishing more than 12,000 tariffs.”

A spokesman for Tim said: “He is going to be in the pub for an hour or so. There have been around a hundred people waiting for him to speak.

“Some people think he’s God’s gift, others think he’s something else.”