A DEBIT card, plastic bottles and two sets of keys are just some of the items found in the rubbish dumped in the Bitterne area.

More than 40 black bags of litter was collected on Sunday as part of the Bitterne Litter Team's monthly meet.

The team of 35 collected more than forty black bags of rubbish from around the Bitterne area starting at the carpark in Angel Crescent and moving into the precinct.

Founder member David Eddy said: "We managed to clear this all in one hour.

"It's amazing what you can do in that time - we are quite an impressive little group.

"There were 35 of us collecting this time which is more than normal, I ran out of hi-vis jackets and bags for everyone."

He added: "It makes me feel dirty walking down a street covered in litter.

"The little kids get a real kick out of it and some even got litter pickers in their stockings for Christmas.

"I think our biggest strength is being an irritant to shops who are not as clean as they should be.

"We can be very good nags."

Within the litter was a debit card, which was destroyed after it was confirmed the card has been cancelled, and two sets of keys which are being looked after by a member of the group as well as parking tickets, cans, bottles and wrappers.

The team have been collecting rubbish in the Bitterne area for more than three years and the group has grown over time.

The group is sponsored by the Humble Plumb pub, which provides high-viability vests and litter pickers, and meet every three weeks on alternate Saturdays and Sundays to fit members needs.

Peartree ward councillor, Eamonn Keogh is often involved in the monthly litter picks.

He said: “The Bitterne Litter Team provides a fantastic voluntary public service, helping to keep the Bitterne district centre tidy for the local community.

"We’re especially grateful to David Eddy for his continued commitment, without whom this great work wouldn’t be possible.

“We hugely appreciate all of the voluntary litter picks done across the city.

"If any group wants to start a local pick then they can contact the council and we can support them, ensuring that the rubbish is collected afterwards and by lending them the necessary equipment.”