RESIDENTS in a Hampshire village have taken to social media to complain of a water shortage.

Marchwood residents are complaining on Twitter that the area has been cut off from water.

One of those is Sarah Presley, who said: "The fun in Marchwood continues.

"In the midst of a sickness bug which closed the school and is still resulting in several families being very poorly in the village, there is now a water outage until 4pm!"

Another, Josh Young, said: "Southern Water I have no water in my home in Marchwood, Southampton and have a newborn baby at home and no pre-warning this would happen, is this planned work or is something wrong with my supply?!!!"

A spokesperson for Southern Water said: "We apologise to all customers in the Marchwood area of Southampton who have been affected by an unplanned water outage.

"This was a result of planned maintenance work to a 4" main, which was intended to affect 60 properties, all of whom had been notified in advance.

"Unfortunately, the water re-zone did not work as expected which resulted in a further 2,000 properties experiencing either low pressure or no water, all of whom should now be back in supply.

"Although our crews had already begun work on the main, as soon as we discovered the further impact, they started work on restoring water to the majority of properties.

"We apologise again for the inconvenience this problem has caused and thank all affected customers for their patience and understanding whilst we worked as quickly as possible to resolve the issue."