WHY, as Alan Blandford (Letters, November 27) indicates, should anyone other than him or a dying breed feel anything like disappointment for PM Theresa May? A PM currently under fire over that “B” word – again!

All this duplicitous woman is doing is clinging to a job she is neither capable or worthy of doing. The Brexit that the fanatics of this very letters page really want will not be delivered anyway under this current cobbled-together patchwork deal and staying in the EU (my own choice anyway) would be far preferable. No deal, on the other hand, is a leap into insanity.

Theresa May isn’t the slightest bit interested in the people of this country – only at election time. This is all about her and her party who in times of duress always implode.They are disunited and incompetent. Meanwhile this is music to Jezza’s ears. I am unashamedly a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. Ironically though, there is only one party that knows precisely where it stands on Europe. For although I do not vote their way, it’s the Lib Dems.

Tory toff Rees Mogg, a pretender for the top job, is indeed rich, yet completely out of touch with reality, like so many top politicians. This, while ordinary people continue to struggle every day. Boris Johnson is another pompous pontificator who I wouldn’t trust as far as my front gate.

I believe Parliament itself will see off May. Hopefully we can still get a “people’s vote”, one of finality on this agonising topic. The last vote was a fraudulent farce due to lack of knowledge, information and various lies. Brexiteers were also caught with hands in the till.

Chris Newman