ON SUNDAY, November 25, my son aged 13, was assaulted while cycling with two of his friends down Rumbridge Street, Totton.

The man (a full grown adult) grabbed hold if my son by the back of his coat and arm and forcefully pushed him against a brick wall, resulting in bruising to his leg, and now he's very scared.

The police were informed but due to low resources have told us it could be up to 20 days before any action is taken.

A chap working in a shop nearby confirmed he saw my son being excessively handled.

Due to myself putting a post on Facebook, I have been given a name and location for this man. This info has been given to police, yet still nothing.

I am shocked and upset that an apparent assault on a minor is not classed as a priority.

On top of this, we were asked if we could find out if any shops had CCTV for them to look at. That isn't our job, that's what we pay the police force to do.