BONFIRE Night might be over but there’s still plenty to celebrate this week as Diwali lights up Southampton.

Thousands of worshippers will be gathering at temples across Hampshire and Southampton for the Hindu festival of light.

But Hampshire police have issued a warning for people to "protect themselves against high value gold thefts and burglaries."

Police are advising people not to make valuables visible from outside the home - and to keep gold locked in a commercial safe. They also advise people to be "cautious and discreet" when wearing jewellery in public.

This year around 1,000 are expected to attend Vedic Hindu Temple across two days of festivities.

Priest Ritesh Bhatt said: “There will be children’s performances on New Year’s Day and 100 types of food offered to the gods. Chopda Pujan takes place at 8pm – that’s prayer to the new ledger books – and after that there are prayers to the goddess of wealth.”

He added that prayers were also said for the misdeeds of the past year, as well as for peace and harmony.

Visitors heading to the Vedic Society Hindu Temple and the Gurdwara are advised to get there early and avoid going by car, as parking on nearby streets will be limited.

The temple will be open from 9am until 10pm, with the firework display starting at 7.15pm.

The temple car park will be closed all day in preparation for the festivities, while from 6.30pm-8pm Radcliffe Road will be shut.

Diwali is the precursor to Hindu New Year, which takes place tomorrow, when the Vedic temple will be open from 9am to 9pm.

Performances and speeches will take place from 7pm to 8pm.

On November 10 a black tie dinner takes place at the Vedic Society Community Hall. Tickets cost £10.

Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights because people decorate their homes inside and outside, with small earthenware oil lamps called diyas.