HAVING watched the terrible news of the Saints being taught a football lesson, I realised there is a great deal of talent, and of course Manchester City holds the mantle of top of the league.

During the review by the television team it was suggested that short, fast players, much like Ings, are devastating in front of goal.

It seems on watching playback that whenever the ball got into the Saints half, the penalty area was packed with blue shirts, passing and scoring with little opposition from our backs.

We have talent, for sure, and when pressed came up with a little fight, but I think we have got to change our style, not necessarily the management, but it was obvious to most supporters that the manoeuvrability of small, fast players is an important factor.

However, as an old supporter I wish the team the best of luck in the future.

At least it wasn't that 90+1 fiasco...

Alan Blandford