NEW figures have revealed the average price of a house in Southampton.

The data shows exactly how much houses in various areas are worth, and there are some surprising results.

The average price of a house in SO post codes is now £339,000.

But statistics also show that first-time-buyers hoping to get on Southampton’s property ladder will need to be earning an average of £47,871, up 18 per cent from 2015.

Now housing campaigners have called for reform to bring down “astronomical” prices, while one city estate agent says it’s still possible to buy cheaply in Southampton.

The most affordable post code between September 2017 and August 2018 is Bevois, or SO14 5 - with an average price of £141,000. But just next door in “luxury” Ocean Village average prices top out at £246,000. The most expensive place was ‘SO41 5’ at £816,000.

In central Southampton prices are the highest in SO16 4 - at an average of £331,000. But just a few streets away in Freemantle average prices only peak at £175,000.

Daniel Craw from rental reform organisation Generation Rent said: “If the housing market was working properly the average house should be affordable to someone on average wage. But astronomical house prices have taken home ownership out of reach of most.”

But estate agent Rachel Simpson of Blue Door said Southampton’s housing market is healthy.