DATA centre provider ServerHouse has added another facility to their portfolio as businesses across the South embrace the need to improve their security and data management, while bringing the cloud to the customer.

The new 22,000 square foot data centre is in easy reach for businesses right across Hampshire, standing just off Junction 9 of the M27.

A data centre is a special building built to house the servers that form the cloud.

The centre has a number of features to ensure secure and uninterrupted operation of servers, including batteries and generators to enable us to run in a power cut, ultra high capacity pure fibre broadband, specialist cooling systems controlling temperature and humidity and an automatic fire extinguisher system to put out fires without using water or turning off systems.


ServerHouse say the increased demand for their services is due to to ransomware and hackers who are actively attacking companies who now need much more robust security, backups and disaster recovery.

Owner Gary Coates believes that the pressure of GDPR compliance together with high-profile data breaches, has led companies to become more focused on the need to manage their IT correctly.

He said: “We’re delighted to be opening another facility. We opened our first data centre in 2001 and it was state of the art. The world has changed a lot since then and we needed something state of the art again.

"We’ve really put a focus on reliability and security this time, we’ve got two separate UPS systems with redundancy in each 2(N+1) and also two backup generators (N+1). For security we’re fully detached in our own fenced off compound.

"There have been so many headlines about companies losing customer data or being hacked and business owners are realising that it would cost a lot more if they don’t invest in the best possible solution. This is why we provide disaster recovery to all of our customers as standard, and having data centres on two sites is another unique feature we also offer.

For SMEs which make up such a huge part of the business community in Hampshire, they don’t have blue-chip IT budgets at their disposal and we can provide that same standard but at a fraction of the cost.”


The company has been operating since 1997 and now operates a total of four data centres across Hampshire.

Gary says Fareham is a great location for his business as the regional connectivity is exceptional from when it was shortlisted as an alternative landing station for international fibre links and it also benefits from the geology of the South Downs which provides a natural barrier to extreme weather.