SOUTHAMPTON Apprentice candidate Tom Bunday narrowly escaped being fired after his team were responsible for developing some disgusting doughnuts in the third episode of the reality series.

As project leader of Collaborative, tree surgeon Tom was summoned to the boardroom for a dressing down from Lord Sugar after his team's chilli and chocolate doughnuts proved to be a big turn-off with punters, some of whom spat them out after just one mouthful.

However, it was Frank Brooks who found himself on his way home in the taxi after Tom said the marketing man had been unable to cope with the pressure in the kitchen.

The fact that Frank had been the losing project leader in the second episode also counted against him.


Also in the boardroom was learning and development manager, Jasmine Kundra, who had been responsible for concocting the chilli chocolate recipe.

She accused Tom, 28, of being a poor manager as he wanted everything decided by vote.

Tom, from Marchwood, was criticised for spending too much time on making bespoke 'B' shaped doughnuts for a posh hotel, two third of which the venue rejected because they looked like '8's.

Lord Sugar told Tom: “You made a big mistake being the project manager, this task was not meant for you," before pointing his "you're fired" finger at Frank.

Lord Sugar admitted the Collaborative team's doughnuts looked far more professional than those made by opponents, Typhoon, but they were let down by the taste.


Next week the candidates will be challenged with clinching deals at the Body Building Expo in Birmingham.