INJURED passengers on a forty foot motorboat had to be rescued from the Solent after hitting a sand bank 'at speed'.

Crews from Calshot Lifeboat Station rushed to help the boat, which hit Bramble Bank and ran aground around 5pm last night (October 9).

Four people and a dog were aboard the boat, two of whom suffered injuries.

One suffered an injury to their chest and knee from the impact and the other a shoulder injury.

They were all transferred to Southampton Patrol who took them to Hamble, were met by Hill Head Coastguard Rescue Team and the ambulance service.

Meanwhile, crews asses the damage on the 42ft Phantom Motorboat - which can cost upward of £500,000.

They found that the anchor could not be deployed, therefore both lifeboats stayed with the motorboat until the tide allowed the boat to refloat.

Calshot Atlantic Lifeboat crew were then able to tow it off the bank.

Seastart then took over the tow to take the vessel to their desired destination.

Calshot's volunteer crew were then able to return to station.

A spokesperson for Calshot Lifeboat Station said: "We are pleased to report that Ralph the dog was unharmed during the incident.

"We can also confirm this is Calshot Lifeboat Station's 100th shout this year."