THE organisers decided to hold the annual Fareham Show over two days – something they almost came to regret.

The committee, going for a bigger profit, had prepared a spectacular lasting from Saturday morning to Sunday evening instead of the usual afternoon event.

On Saturday evening, dark rain clouds kept the crowds away, making the organisers question their decision.

But as the sun broke through on Sunday, numbers picked up and hopes of success returned.

“There is definitely an improvement in the numbers attending,” said one committee member at the time. “I’m confident we shall do better this year. The real credit must go to the volunteers, whose work has been outstanding.”

Sites for the show’s trade exhibitions were sold out, making certain the show would break even at the very least.

Main attractions included a “horror-comedy” stunt show called Stuntmania and the Flying Tigers free-fall parachutists.

The Royal Artillery were present – HMS Collingwood beat HMS Sultan in the junior field gun run.