THE DAILY ECHO takes another look at life through the lens of a Hampshire photographer - this week to September 1968.

It was the same month as when Japanese manufacturer Nissan began to import Datsun cars into the UK.

It was a big month for theatre fans as the Theatres Act 1968 ended censorship of the theatre. US musical Hair opened in London as a result. The rock musical was a product of the hippie counterculture and sexual revolution of the 1960s and many of its songs became synonymous with the anti-Vietnam War peace movement.

Floods hit the South East of England on September 15. The Great Flood of 1968, as it was named, was caused by a pronounced trough of low pressure which culminated in heavy rain and thunderstorms.

General Post Office reorganised their system to accommodate two classes of post - first and second. First class cost 5d, second was 4d.

Twin brothers Luke and Matt Goss of Bros were born, as were presenter Philippa Forrester and actress Naomi Watts.