WHEN he took office, Southampton mayor, Ronald Pugh, expressed a wish to visit the city’s schools.

Accompanied by his wife, Eleanor Pugh, the mayor visited Portswood Junior School on February 13, 1964, giving the pupils a chance to meet the city’s first citizens up-close-and-personal.

Greeting the pair were pupils Diane Hubbard and Phillip Randell along with head master JL Morgan and assistant education officer for primary education M Alexander.

While on a tour of the school, one little boy asked “What do you do?” In response, the mayor explained some of his duties and told the children about the Mayoral chain, which was more than 300 years old.

In honour of the visit, all the children had made chains. Pupil Alan Taylor presented his to to the Mayoress and, in return, was allowed to wear the official mayors chain for a short while.

The mayor told the youngsters about the red and white colours on his badge and likened them to the colours worn by Saints FC - something many of the kids could easily relate to.