A FESTIVAL-GOER has been warned he could end up dead after he was caught smuggling class A drugs into Boomtown Fair.

Tom Carter bought 23-and-a-half tablets of MDMA and an amount of LSD into the festival, in the lining of a shampoo bottle.

A sniffer dog rushed to the 30-year-old as he entered the event and he was subsequently arrested by Hampshire Constabulary.

But as new figures revealed this week, the number of drug related deaths in the county were on the rise, Judge Christopher Parker QC told Southampton Crown Court he could “end up in a hospital bed” if he didn’t end his drug use.

Judge Parker QC said: “The fact is last year a record number of people died in this country because of class A drugs such as ecstasy.

“People like you do not help the situation by taking those drugs.

“Thousands of people bring drugs into festivals, and thousands of people are wrong too.

“You are old enough to be setting an example to other people to ensure they do not die as a result of taking drugs.”

Carter, who pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a class A, was described as a “talented” man, but concerns were raised about his attitude towards drug-taking in a meeting with the probation service.

The court heard, Carter believed it was “his own business” which drugs he took, something Judge Parker QC said was worrying.

Last year, BoomTown Fair was headlined by The Specials, M.IA. and Cypress Hill. But many festivalgoers were left stranded for hours without water due to issues entering the festival.

Carter, of Underacre Close, Trowbridge, was originally charged with possession with intent to supply, but as the drugs were “weak” a lesser charge was accepted by the prosecution.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community order, which includes the requirement to complete 186 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay £150 costs.