THE DAILY ECHO takes a glimpse back in time through the lens of photographers from half a century ago.

June 1968 was a big month for both the silver screen and television screen.

On July 17, the Beatles’ animated feature, Yellow Submarine, debuted in London and was met with widespread critical acclaim. It was praised for its creative visuals as well as its soundtrack.

The hugely popular sitcom Dad’s Army first aired on television on July 31 and ran for nine series. Since then, adoring fans have been treated to a radio version, two feature films and a stage show.

It was the same month as when many parts of South West England witnessed serious flooding. The deluge of rain was a taste of things to come as the Great Flood of 1968 hit two months later in September.

It was the end of an era for the Royal Exchange, Manchester, as they ceased cotton trading. The first exchange had opened in the city in 1729.

Alec Rose returned to the UK, via Southampton, from a 354-day single handed round-the-world trip. He was knighted the following day.

Actors Rhys Ifans and Olivia Williams were born, while Sir Henry Dale, English pharmacologist and physiologist, died at the age of 93.