SOUTHAMPTON Common is a wonderful leisure resource and is enjoyed by many.

I live on the edge of the common and delight to cycle there daily.

I must ask, however, is it appropriate to mount a rock concert on the common? Temperatures approach 30C, and with windows open my neighbours and I endured loud music till midnight Saturday. We were not happy.

The rock concert is the worst event of the year for us, but there are many others. With increasing frequency our lives are turned upside down on summer weekends, and at times we have even been barricaded into our own homes by over-zealous event wardens.

Is the city getting the balance right between the enjoyment of the many and the misery of the few local residents who live with the constant disruption?

Please, city fathers, look at your policy. Surely some (and the nosiest) events could be mounted elsewhere or even in the north-east corner of the main common, well aways from our or any homes.