THE latest threat from Airbus (owned by Germany, France and Spain) to leave is not the first time it has issued such a threat.

They also did this when we didn’t go into Euro currency with the rest rest of the EU.

Thank goodness we refused and carried on with our pound.

BMW have mooted they could leave if we didn’t stay in the Customs Union. These are just cynical desperate threats with the backing of the equally desperate EU negotiators) trying to recreate Project Fear.

The National Audit Office has just stated that the crucial IT systems should be ready by next March. In fact, the report states that HM Revenue and Customs has accelerated preparations for Brexit and has the system capacity to handle customs declarations no matter what the outcome of negotiations between the UK and the European Union. This will strengthen the PM’s hand in the negotiations – Britain’s post-Brexit will be ready to go. Michael Barnier’s warning of long queues at the Port of Dover will be blown out of the water.

Let’s hope that Theresa May tells the nasty little EU negotiators that if the negotiations are stalled again then she’ll walk away with the prospect of a 'no deal' and only return if they agree to behave and get on with it.

As for the Remoaners, accept that we are leaving and concentrate on something else to whinny about.

Paddy Sketcher

Isle of Wight