I USE every aspect of M3 junction nine very regularly – yes, including the cycle route! So I am in favour of the proposed improvements all bar the crazy plan for the A33 exit from A34 northbound!

The entire area in which the revised junction will sit is already man-made. Revising the junction gives an opportunity to further improve the built environment eg better management of rain water so it doesn’t flow from the “contaminated” road surface into the river Itchen.

Improving roads is of national strategic importance. There is absolutely no viable alternative transport system that can move the volume of goods and people around the country with the flexibility we all demand. Rail can get you so far, buses serve a very useful purpose – but neither systems have anywhere near the capacity we need or are flexible enough and they often don’t get you anywhere near your end destination - especially true if you live outside of town.

Yes we should all be concerned about burning fossil fuels and emissions. Regulators will bear down on these and in time innovative engineers will provide greener solutions. Regardless of the fuel we choose to use and ongoing improvement to the efficiency of the motors, mass use of wheeled vehicles travelling on roads is going to be the preferred method of transport for a very long time.

The road system needs to be improved and maintained to cope with the demand. Without an alternative solution, staying at home or sitting in traffic jams will not enable us to grow the economy and is therefore not a vote winner.

If one day we have a better mass transport system and the road network becomes redundant then simply dig it all up and return it to Mother Nature – take a look at the route of the old Winchester bypass.

James Snowdon